Energy-Saving Tips

How To Reduce Your Electricity Bill This Summer

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The sun is high and you want to enjoy your time under it, but that doesn’t mean your electricity bill has to be, too. But don’t worry, when it comes to reducing your expenditures there are a number of ways to lower your electric bill. So if you’re looking to save some electricity this summer, the following picks just might be what you’re searching for.

• Turn off your air conditioner

Turning off and adjusting the temperature of your air conditioner while you’re sleeping or if you’re leaving your house can result in huge electricity savings.

• Energy efficient light bulbs

You can use compact fluorescent and light-emitting diode bulbs because they are more efficient and use less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb. You can purchase these kinds of bulbs at your local hardware store.

• Blinds and drapes

Window coverings can prevent your house from heating up during summer and can also save energy. When a blind is fully pulled down over a window with a lot of sun exposure, during summer days, they can lower heat gain by up to 45%. Drapes on your windows prevent heat gain as well and reduce this by 33%.

• Place the fridge right

Your fridge accounts for 15% of a household’s total power consumption. To lower your electricity bill, make your fridge more power efficient by allowing the air to circulate around it. Your refrigerator should be at least 2 inches away from the wall of your house, don’t put to much stuff in your fridge, because there won’t be enough space for air to circulate inside and lastly, don’t expose it to direct sunlight, because it will need more power to function.

• Use fans

Fans get air circulating around your room that means you may be able to detain turning on the air conditioning in your house, especially if you can also leave your windows open on cool summer evenings.

• Natural ventilation

During summer we experience heat during daylight, but when the night comes so does a cool summer breeze, which you should take advantage of. Eliminate your electricity usage by opening your windows when you’re sleeping at night so the cool air outside can blow through and help to cool the house down without the need of fans or air conditioning units.

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Common Electrical System Mistakes And How To Prevent Them

Common Electrical System Mistakes And How To Prevent Them

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It is crucial to have proper electrical connections in your home, office or places of business since failures or faults in the system pose a serious risk in terms of fire damage, electrocution and short circuits. Whether you are working in the electrical industry or tackling your own project, there are some common mistakes that need to be avoided. The consequences of improper wiring and other mistakes are possibly catastrophic, not just inconvenient.

Here are the top issues to watch for, and solutions for fixing them:

Wiring outside of electrical boxes

The main use of electrical boxes includes protecting wire connections against any accidental damage and also preventing electrical fire hazards by containing sparks and heat from loose connections and short circuits. Connecting these wires through an electrical junction box is essential for safeguarding them as well as property and people.

Using a “Too-Small” electrical box

If you are not using the right-sizes junction box, the wires inside it will be stuffed all together and also the box will be over-filled. When wiring is tightly crammed into a small box or space, the risk of short circuits is greater. This might be a potential fire hazard, which is why you should follow the minimum box sizes that are specified by the National Electrical Code.
Wires cut too short

If you cut the wiring too short, making some proper connections becomes more difficult and this poses a tremendous risk. Poor connections can cause overheating, short circuits and other electrical faults. It is safer to leave wires protruding about 3 inches or so from the box, which lets you easily move the wires around while making connections.

Unsecured cables and wires

When you are installing wires and cables secure them with a clamp to prevent strained connections and damage. Clamp selection depends on the type of electrical box you are using. Built-in cable clamps are not required for single plastic boxes, but cables should be stapled within 8 inches of the box. Internal clamps are needed for larger plastic boxes, and you’re required to staple cables within 12 inches of it. Use approved cable clamps for metal junction boxes, since wiring can be damaged by the sharp edges of the box.

Unsupported switches and outlets

Unsupported switches and outlets or loosely connected wires are a potential safety hazard, in addition to looking sloppy. They can move around or get pulled during use, damaging the connection between wires and terminals in them. As a result, the danger of arcing and overheating is higher, which can lead to fires and short circuits.

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