Does your electrical system at home need updating


If you’re in any doubt that the electrical system in your home is outdated, you’re running the risk of overheating wires and sparking a fire.

Most of us take our electricity supply for granted or simply don’t give a second thought to what powers our lights, appliances and devices. It’s good to know then how to avoid a dangerous situation by understanding your electric power system.

In simple terms, your system is analogous to our body’s circulatory system. The heart is the electrical panel from which the circuits carry the electric current throughout the home to the lights, appliances and devices. The circuits therefore are like the arteries and veins.

The electric panel determines the amount of power that is available to the circuits. Each circuit distributes the power to different parts of the home, the circuit’s on-off mechanism controlled by a circuit breaker. The size and number of circuit breakers determine how the power is used in the home.

Often a problem occurs in an older property in which the system has become outdated. A large proportion of such homes were built for purpose with only 30 to 60 amps powering the whole, utilising only a few circuits.
So what are the symptoms of a home in need of an electrical system upgrade? Do any of these things apply?:
• Your circuit breakers trips (i.e. switches off) frequently;
• Your lights dim when you switch on other appliances;
• You’re using adapters or extension cords to create more electric outlets in the home.

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, you need your system checked out. In the case of the breakers, these should trip and cut the flow of power to the circuits. The circuits are a single wire connecting a series of outlets that can otherwise overload and overheat.

What will need addressing?
• Your panel will need upgrading to bring more power to your home. Or the panel or circuit breakers replaced if they are obsolete, damaged or dangerous;
• The existing meter and circuit breaker box replaced so the panel can handle more power;
• Additional circuits installed to distribute the power to your rooms and appliances and new electrical outlets provided, replacing the old receptacles.

Be extremely cautious about upgrading your system unless you’re qualified to do so. If you’re local, do call us for a professional consultation. We are Swindon electricians ready to help you.


Look after your commercial property


You will want to rest assured that the electrics in your commercial premise – your office, school, restaurant, hotel – are working safely. To have peace of mind knowing the inconvenience and disruption to your business from electrical breakdowns and repairs can be limited and that you’re not losing money through an outdated and inefficient electrical system.

If you’re local, you might like to know about the range of services that we as Swindon electricians provide.

Did you know that 70-80% of businesses never reopen after a major disaster such as a fire? We can install fire alarms – mandatory for any business – compliant with fire regulations. Non-compliance of Fire regulations can incur hefty fines for businesses, so it’s important that you have this in place. We can offer you a consultation on fire protection at the design stage or advise on effective ways to upgrade your existing system.

EJS can install emergency lighting. The system will when correctly designed, installed and maintained, reduce the possibility of an accident or loss of life in the event of an electrical power loss. Again, this is a safety system required by law.

We of course do the basics – providing maintenance. Wiring needs to be checked and if necessary a partial or full rewiring implemented. Then there’s the Electrical Reports. We will check cables for wear and tear, hidden inside walls or in consumer units tucked away in cupboards. Our electricians will test all electrical items you have – including kettles, computers – plugging them into specialist PAT testing equipment. This records the status of those items, whether safe or faulty. If the former, the item is tagged with a green label, signed as ‘Passed’ and with the date of the check. These are important records for any insurance claims or Health and Safety compliance issues. If a defect is detected, electrical equipment can be replaced before it becomes a major problem and save you money down the line. An electrical mishap could well disrupt operations while you’re waiting to get it fixed.

Old or faulty wiring is potentially hazardous, one of the main causes of fire in the workplace. We will compile a full report of cables, switches and sockets on a regular basis. The Report will save you a lot of money and perhaps even lives.

We can offer you everything from simple checks to installing a fully rigged-up computer room and guarantee that we will be there for you in case of an emergency.