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When might you need an emergency callout?


An emergency electrical callout is just how it sounds – it means calling out an electrician in case of a home emergency. Hopefully, you’ll never need an emergency callout, but here are some reasons why you may need one.

Power outage

You could be minding your own business one day and suddenly – no power! This can be very annoying and inconvenient, especially if there’s something important you have to do. If it’s late at night then it can also be a scary experience as you’ll be shrouded in darkness. Your smartphones torch will do for you to be able to get around, but the next step is to check if your house is the only one with the power outage.

Look outside and see if your neighbour’s lights are on, check streetlamps, or knock on your neighbours’ door and ask. If it’s just you, then it’s time to make a callout – call an electrician ASAP, don’t leave it until the morning!

Burning or smoke

If you see or smell burning or smoke then this is likely a bad sign. If it’s coming from your power outlets then this counts as an electrical emergency – in the worst case, a fire could start in your home so be safe and make an emergency callout. Switch off everything in or near the power outlet and wait for the electrition to arrive to properly access the situation.

Water damage

If your home has been subjected to any water damage, such as flooding or a burst pipe, then this can cause water damage to your electrical wiring. This is very unsafe as there is a high risk of electrical shock and, even if the water damage doesn’t seem that severe, it is still best to get it checked out by an electrician to ensure there are no problems later down the line.

Here at EJS Electrical, we can come to you in your time of need. We have an emergency callout service is available, so you can rely on us to help you in case of an electrical emergency. Contact us today to find out more.

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Why you should modernise your kitchen

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If your kitchen is old and outdated then you might have considered upgrading it for a while. Here are some reasons why you should modernise your kitchen!

Create a fresh, new look!

Redecorating a tired-looking kitchen and making into a modern, bright new kitchen is sure to make it a much nicer space to live in!

If you have old, wooden cabinets then you could consider painting them a bright colour to add some vibrancy to the room! In many modern kitchens, there are no wall cabinets as they can look bulky and take up too much space. If your outdated kitchen has wall cabinets then removing them is always an option – add some open shelving for a more modern look!

Has the kitchen flooring been there since you moved in? Swap it out for new, laminate flooring!

Old worktop surfaces can be cracked or full of stains, so change them out for some new ones. Consider the material depending on your budget – laminate is often the most cost-effective choice.

Add new accessories, create new storage spaces for your utensils and other things – get creative with it! A little DIY goes a long way, and it’s a cheap way to make your kitchen look amazing.

Give it an upgrade

Not only is it great to update the look of your kitchen, but it’s important that you upgrade the functionality, too!

Trade in the old fridge for a brand new one, get new taps for the kitchen sink and a new electric oven. Be sure to match the appliances to the rest of your kitchen decor – stainless steel gives a sophisticated look, but conventional white may match better with other colours and styles. Simply swapping out the toaster and kettle for one that matches can also be a cheap way to upgrade!

You could also add new ambient lighting to your kitchen, or simply purchase new lampshades for your existing lights to dress them up a bit.

If you need any assistance with modernising your kitchen or want replacement lighting with help from a qualified electrition, don’t hesitate to contact us at EJS Electrical today!