Why you should modernise your kitchen

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If your kitchen is old and outdated then you might have considered upgrading it for a while. Here are some reasons why you should modernise your kitchen!

Create a fresh, new look!

Redecorating a tired-looking kitchen and making into a modern, bright new kitchen is sure to make it a much nicer space to live in!

If you have old, wooden cabinets then you could consider painting them a bright colour to add some vibrancy to the room! In many modern kitchens, there are no wall cabinets as they can look bulky and take up too much space. If your outdated kitchen has wall cabinets then removing them is always an option – add some open shelving for a more modern look!

Has the kitchen flooring been there since you moved in? Swap it out for new, laminate flooring!

Old worktop surfaces can be cracked or full of stains, so change them out for some new ones. Consider the material depending on your budget – laminate is often the most cost-effective choice.

Add new accessories, create new storage spaces for your utensils and other things – get creative with it! A little DIY goes a long way, and it’s a cheap way to make your kitchen look amazing.

Give it an upgrade

Not only is it great to update the look of your kitchen, but it’s important that you upgrade the functionality, too!

Trade in the old fridge for a brand new one, get new taps for the kitchen sink and a new electric oven. Be sure to match the appliances to the rest of your kitchen decor – stainless steel gives a sophisticated look, but conventional white may match better with other colours and styles. Simply swapping out the toaster and kettle for one that matches can also be a cheap way to upgrade!

You could also add new ambient lighting to your kitchen, or simply purchase new lampshades for your existing lights to dress them up a bit.

If you need any assistance with modernising your kitchen or want replacement lighting with help from a qualified electrition, don’t hesitate to contact us at EJS Electrical today!


How can you test your smoke alarm?


Smoke alarms, or detectors, are something that every home should have – they can save your life! It’s important that your smoke alarm is working correctly, which is why it needs to be tested at least every year. Here is all the information you need about testing your smoke alarm.

What are smoke alarms for?

A smoke alarm is a device that can detect smoke in case of a fire. If smoke is detected then a loud alarm will sound, designed to alert anyone in the home, or wake up those that are asleep.

What kind of smoke alarm do you have? 

Smoke alarms come in different types and models, here’s a quick breakdown of the different types:

Optical – This type of alarm can be quite pricey but is often more reliable. When smoke enters through the opening vents, the alarm sound is triggered; they check for smoke particles in the air are less likely to set off false alarms because of their accuracy.

Ionisation – This type of alarm is cheap and widely available. They quickly detect fast-growing fires and are very sensitive to smoke particles – as a result, they can have the tendency to trigger false alarms, especially when used near the kitchen.

Most often, smoke alarms are battery-powered. However, you can also get alarms that are powered by the mains in your house – this type needs to be installed by a qualified electrition.


The best way to test your smoke alarm is by pressing the visible ‘test’ button; press and hold this button until you hear the alarm sound. It should be loud and piercing – if it’s not, or if you are unable to hear the alarm, then you will need to replace the batteries or consider a replacement model. Make sure to alert anyone who is home with you that you will be testing the smoke alarm, so they don’t get a nasty surprise!

It’s important that your smoke alarm is working at all times, so you should test it at least every year. If your smoke alarm is battery-powered then it is useful to check the batteries every month – to avoid doing this you may want to invest in long-life batteries.

If you would like to get a new smoke alarm installed into your home, then contact us at EJS Electrical today – we’ll be happy to help!